1. How to start editing & the basics

- Click to open your project page and then choose "Edit"
- By moving the pointer on top of the editing icons/tools at the top of the page, you will see the function of the tool described briefly
- All the tools in the top left-hand corner should be familiar to those who've used Microsoft Word: you can write in bold, italics and underlined; you can also change the colour of the font as well as its


- Right next to these tools you can choose templates for the font
- The next set of tools on the right will let you create
  1. Numerized lists and
  • bullet lists

- "Link" allows you to add a hyperlink to another page (NB! the link on this line is just an example, it'll direct you to an empty page) by highlighting the piece of the text you wish to turn into a link and choosing "Link" --> after this, by clicking on the link and choosing "Visit" you can go to the page in question (NB! always remember to save the changes by clicking "Save" and choosing "Save and continue!!)

- Tables
can be inserted with the tool "Table" - of course, you can always copy/paste a table from a Word document (the same goes with the text, of course, if you'd rather type in Word)

- Pictures can be added from "File" with the same general principle as with adding pictures to a net page (e.g. blogs) or to a document, in general: choose "Upload Files" and find the picture you want to add from your hard drive, USB -stick etc.)

  • Remember the issues with copyrights! Here's a lecture/slide show by Tarmo Toikkanen!

Perhaps the easiest way to look up reuseable images: go to Google, choose "Advanced image search" and then choose the proper usage rights (only images intended to be resused - and/or other search modifiers, such as images labelled for modification, if you wish)
  • Check out Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
    • It's public domain, which means plenty of stuff for free from all walks of life
  • Remember: ask your teacher for instructions if you feel insecure about how to proceed!

- About the tools in the upper right-hand corner: "Preview" should be self-explanatory, "Cancel" too
- And finally, the "Golden Rule" when working with computers: always save the changes you've made! ("Save" ja "Save and continue")

- To get out of the "Edit" -mode, choose "Save" --> this will guide you back to the page you just edited

2. Slightly more advanced options

- Adding tags: little to the left of "Edit" you'll find "..." which means "more page options" --> then "Tags" --> "Edit"
  • The main idea is to make it easer to search for information by using key words ("tags")
  • E.g. by typing "adding pictures" into the "Search Wiki" box located in the left-hand margin, you'll receive a link to this very page
  • Choose your tags carefully in relation to the contents! E.g. when discussing Finnish history, you might want to tag words like "Russia", "Sweden" etc.

- Widgets (small elements of a graphic user interface, very often embedded videos, audio files etc.)
  • You can add e.g. an embedded Youtube video or a slide show by choosing "Widget" --> then pick the correct alternative from the list (e.g. "Video") and follow the instructions.You'll find one example below:

- Examples of "tools" & services of social media that can be used:
  • Bubbl.us and/or Mindmeister mind maps:
    • https://bubbl.us/ The basic version is free (includes a limited number of mind maps), requires a sign up
    • https://www.mindmeister.com/ The basic version is free (includes a limited number of mind maps with less properties), requires a sign up which works with e.g. Google or Facebook ID
  • Flickr and/or Picasa, image hosting websites
    • Both require you to sign up - Flickr has the option of sharing pictures either by copy/pasting or with "Guest Pass" function to people who don't have a Flick account
  • GoogleDrive, Skydrive or Dropbox, cloud services for file sharing
    • All three require sign up, but afterward you can share files with a person who doesn't have a Google ID of their own
  • Something else? That's up to you - and the task at hand!
  • NB! The use of various tools/services of social media should not be considered a goal in itself - they should always provide you with a real & clear benefit! (e.g. by clarifying the structure of the page, increasing the amount of information at hand without compromising the visual quality of the page etc. etc.)