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This Wikispaces will serve as the online platform for the project and course KV1 at Vammalan lukio. Here you will find

  • Information about the project, the meetings, the project tasks etc.
  • Travel journals by the coordinating teachers and various students
  • Individual project pages containing the tasks, planning documents and other miscellaneous (but important) information
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Erasmus students and teachers in Ostfildern, November 2015.

Steps Towards European Plurilinguism

The goal of the project is to examine immigration and integration of immigrants in relation to our own history, thus (hopefully) discovering what makes us Europeans. The project will be the focus of KV-1 course at Vammala upper secondary school.

Summary of the course and project for students & parents (in Finnish):

Erasmus+ students, 2015-17:

The pages listed below include the travel diaries. Each project trip has its own project page under which you will find the individual diary pages of those who attended the trip. These are meant for the students' eyes only.

The timetable for the trips is as follows:

Germany, 24th-30th November, 2015
Finland, 15th-21st January, 2016
Scotland: 29th September-5th October, 2016
Italy: 24th.30th November, 2016
Estonia: 5th-11th March, 2017

Pictures and resources for teachers/parents/Erasmus students of the future:

1) Here you can find Erasmus pictures on GoogleDrive.

2) Here you can find the Dropbox folder which contains all the material relevant for the project (presentations instructions, schedules, dates etc.). The information is organized in separate folders according to the project country in question.

3) And here some learning diaries by those Erasmus+ students who have kindly allowed them to be published for the public.

Learning diary Germany
Learning diary Scotland
Learning diary Italy

Materials produced during the project can be found here.

General resources:

These pages will serve as resources for the students on how to edit the Wiki and how to deal with problems that may arise when doing so.

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